One-on-One Online Persona Coaching for non-performers and performers

via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Google Meet.


Empower your self-presentation with speaking and body language modifications.


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 $90/ half hour - $180 / hour

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EMPOWERMENT from the inside out!


In this new season of yourself, as you reinvent and reach for more responsibility and visibility in

your personal and professional cultures, both virtually and in person, you might benefit

from some fine-tuning with "Charisma Coaching."


As Marshall McLuhan, the visionary communication theorist foresaw, “The medium is the message.” The virtual engines which now project your image worldwide in seconds have altered the game board for effective transmission of your thoughts.  Make sure your face and body language, articulation and emotional projection integrate with the ideas you wish to communicate on mic and camera. Make sure your light and your lens are at the right angles to favor your transmission. Make sure your courage and confidence are in tandem with the tasks you ask to accomplish.


I share wisdoms gleaned from decades in all media with folks in all strata of the work world. Below, clients speak of the intimate effect our work has had on their lives.  Email to and let’s set up a free appointment soon to discuss your wishes and how I'll help.


Here’s to courage and flexibility for the new You++ to come!


"My students have gained much from the way Melanie teaches communication inherent in body language, vocal intonation, deep listening and connection. She is a motivator and catalyst for those who wish to gain confidence and competency in how they present their best selves in the world at large. I unreservedly recommend Ms. Chartoff. She is a charismatic communicator, something she excels at through a combination of personal appeal, teaching expertise, and inspiring delivery." --Professor Jerry Binder, UCLA Extension, Lifespan Learning & Chapman University


"It's uncanny how insightful Melanie is.  She pinpointed exactly what I needed to work on, and her suggestions completely changed my life.  When I relaxed while hearing offers, stood up straight, and stopped judging myself, not only did it affect my book talks and acting performances, but now, the characters in my young adult novels are more extroverted...and so am I!" --Betsy Franco, author, actor, mother of James Franco


“Melanie Chartoff is an incredibly gifted and skilled teacher who creates an environment in which all her students can stretch and grow their presentation, improvisational, and communication skills.  Her improv classes were instrumental in my ability to create fully developed characters for my book “The Pathway to Love”.  As a non-fiction writer, my work with Melanie gave me the confidence and imagination to delve into the world of fiction and bring my concepts to life through the art of storytelling.” --Julie Orlov Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Author of “The Pathway to Love: Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships through Self-Discovery”


"Through Melanie’s improvisational classes, I have learned about the unconscious patterns that restrict my physical movement and my ability to relate to others. Melanie’s expert intuitive skills are amazing; I feel like she can see right through to my soul.  Through her guidance,  I know that I have grown both as a performer and a person. I never knew that having so much fun could be so productive." --Lloyd Leifer,  part comic/part engineer


"We found Melanie when we were looking for someone to coach us on our presentation skills. It soon became evident that Melanie is far more than just a coach; she is a full-fledged production consultant. She helps us define our project more precisely, write and refine the scripts, select our wardrobe, and coordinate local volunteers and secure permissions to help with the shoots. She assembled a skilled production team through her connections, including a top-notch cinematographer and editor. She was the answer to the needs we didn’t even know we had." --Alex Begin, Host/Producer "Extraordinary Faith" -EWTN-TV


"Melanie’s steady nerves and precise tools allow her to get to the core of a client’s blocks or challenges. As an expert behaviorist, she chooses just the right set of words that unlock the door of the vault s/he’s trapped himself in. What’s remarkable is that she can do this with a large group of participants. Exercise after exercise, players unshackle themselves and fly and access their best selves.  Until her class, I have not found a comfortable spot. I feel as if the journey between an intellectual understanding of what she asks of us and internalizing and executing, will be short." --Arlene Karno, Photographer

"This class has redefined what I view to be 'great' education. I had so much fun. I learnt a lot about myself and my environment. I learnt to react to my internal and external surroundings with appropriate timing and integrity. And it was almost exponentially leveraged learning. Every time I think about the class, I learn something new! If this is great education, when last did you experience great education? I have difficulty answering the last question."  --Dr. Timothy Berlyn


"Melanie's improv classes burrow into my hidden inner resources, evoke my daring and, presto, out comes more creative fire than I realized I had.  Melanie shows me how to brighten my voice, clarify my diction, be at ease with a microphone and camera and strangers. Working with her both reminds me and teaches me crucial communication tools.  Her improv classes and private coaching help me to be clear, concise and relaxed while improvising new ways of speaking in unrehearsed media programming on the spot. --Joanna Poppink, MFT, Psychotherapist/Author


“Where else can you kiss a stranger, argue with your husband, or try a new career or attitude, all without consequence?  Only in Melanie Chartoff’s improvisation classes, of course.  Her exercises have helped me escape from my writer’s head into my body and actually feel the emotions underlying my words.  Melanie has taught me how to mine the humor, play, and to be able to write past the blocks and find the secrets hidden within my pages.” --Michele Newman, Author/ Entrepreneur


"Melanie Chartoff's work is invaluable for writers because it teaches one how to brainstorm and think outside of the box. It provides whole new ways in which to develop stories.  also allows one the ability to think and act quickly, which is vital for a writer when he must "work" the room." --Christopher Lockhart, International Creative Management

"I'm an entrepreneur and as my job transitioned from programming towards developing... your classes helped me immensely in terms of breaking the ice, public speaking, pitching, and generally being willing to take the risk of looking foolish. ... your classes have  helped me be more true to my self in my personal and professional life." --Eric Canale, Software Developer


"With Melanie's approach to improvisation you'll have more genuine fun exploring your vulnerabilities, intuition and imagination - and those of others - than you'd ever find in a year's worth of "interpersonal communication" seminars. So what if you're working nine to five rather than the big room in Vegas? Something truly wonderful happens in Melanie's classes when people, strangers only moments before, relax, trust and begin to play again." --Jim Blair, Journalist, Voice Actor


Melanie is incredibly down to earth, patient, and just plain fun to study with. She knows how to teach improv right and carefully creates the building blocks for students to learn, grow, and feel confident enough to be free in front of an audience. This in an invaluable class for a beginner or seasoned actor and a must to improve audition skills!" --Janet Wilcox, Voice Instructor, Actor, Author

"Melanie's class is not just for actors and performers. Anyone wanting to be more alert and present, wanting to engage more fully in their life will benefit fromMelanie's games and exercises. I learned life isn't about quietly waiting my turn on the "sidelines"; it's about playing, participating, and having fun. And I'm more creative and effective in my career as a result.  Melanie got me in touch with my inner extrovert!" --Jeff Edelstein Writer/Producer BRAVO


"You gave me a key point in the previous lesson... that really helped me evaluate the audition... I made sure to vividly picture myself in the situation, as well as talk to a specific person. They booked me for another session next Thursday... And last night really helped my confidence--I'm getting better at getting centered- when I got into the booth this morning I had no butterflies, despite the producer, director, engineer, etc. all throwing direction my way!" --Ken Mundy, Voice Actor

"One day I had an audition for a sit com. No matter how many times I read the scene, I didn't think it was funny. I called Melanie and read the lines to her over the phone. In three seconds flat, she told me where the jokes were and which were the punchlines. I auditioned for the show using info Melanie had given me and I booked it! And lo and behold, it was funny! Melanie rocks!" --Lenora May, Actress


Melanie discusses her career and how it has led to her embodying and teaching "charismatic presence."

Melanie Chartoff on Improvisation for Crispin Freeman's Voice Acting Mastery Podcast

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Melanie Chartoff on Improvisation for Crispin Freeman's Voice Acting Mastery Podcast

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Melanie Chartoff on Improvisation for Crispin Freeman's Voice Acting Mastery Podcast

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LA Talk Radio Interview

Talks about the current industry

Sheena Metal talks about my career and my teaching.


Melanie on Cragg Radio  International

March 28, 2020



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