Melanie Chartoff Writing and Performing


Since starting off and on Broadway early in my career, through becoming a series regular in Los Angeles later,

I've continuously combined the disciplines of dramatic acting and improvisation with writing, performing and publishing

my own material. Below are samples of early and recent work.

Melanie Chartoff Writing - Working with Williams and Winters

Working with Williams and Winters

The Go-Go Comeback

The Bra Revisited

When I was 14, Shauna Weisman discovered me doing the "Mashed Potato" at a sock hop and mirrored me, move for move. Shauna was a blonde 16-year-old Jewish American Princess with a Mustang, a big allowance and no curfew—all the advantages of a broken home. When I mirrored her "Watusi," she asked me to do a go-go routine at an event with her.

For months, I'd been ignoring the straps dangling like lazy snakes from their confines and leaving my brassiere drawer ajar. I'd stuffed them all inside it when I tidied up for the handyman and strained to shove it closed.

Shocked to learn he's gone, but, sad to say, I'm amazed Robin Williams lasted this long. Maybe he missed his late mentor, Jonathan Winters, who carved a permissive path for him, first through talented madness, and then death.  Jonathan stuck around a long time, too, considering the uphill battle he waged against his own mind.

Melanie Chartoff Writing - An Andy Kaufman Story
Melanie Chartoff Writing - Will U B My Good Enough Valentine?
Melanie Chartoff Writing - Come Out of the Closet As a Charismatic Communicator

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep — Marrying At 60!

Will U B My Good Enough Valentine?

Many Weddings, Many Kids

At age 60 I’d given up hope that I would ever find my One, or even sleep with anyone again, as I was so set in my ways. Because I’d lived by myself so long, I slept lightly. Discerning sounds of a neighbor being normal from a murder in progress was a survival skill.

I had this friend J.J. (not her real initials). With her biological clock on alarm, this publisher, a pillar of her community, fell madly in love with the man of her dreams: tall, dark, handsome, smart, successful, loved fact, he was married and had three

of them.

I’ve been married many times and mothered many children. I’ve walked down three aisles and ran headlong down another. I‘ve worn many wedding gowns, and endured cartoon labor with a cartoon husband Lamaze’ing by my side.



Switched At Birth

Excerpts from TV dramas with Kirk Douglas

Martin Mull tempts Melanie as Ms. Musso on "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"

From the ABC Family show with Leah Thompson, Spring 2015

  ---Melanie performs her own material

Stella Adler Coaches Melanie

Deadly Bedding

Indecent Sexposure

From a documentary on legendary acting teacher, Stella Adler, New York City, 1976.


Melanie in her original piece at Wendy Hammer's "Tasty Words," 2015, Santa Monica, CA.


at Comedy Central's Sit n' Spin



Below sample songs sung by Melanie, lyrics by Melanie.

Taught to Dance

Melanie Chartoff

Melanie raps her history of how dance saved her from social ruin in childhood. Music and Back Up by Marshall and London Jones

Fine Lines

Melanie Chartoff

From "Fine Lines," a play with music by Melanie Chartoff, this is the title song, sung by John Savage and Melanie. Music by Doug Katsaros, Lyric by Melanie.

Gettin' Famous


From "Fine Lines," a play with music by Melanie Chartoff, sung by Melanie and John Savage. Music by Doug Katsaros, Lyric by Melanie.

I'm Breaking Down

Melanie Chartoff

From March of the Falsettos


 In addition to acting onstage and all size screens in works by others---

Melanie Chartoff Writing - Henry Ford's Mass Production of Hate Meets Its Match

Henry Ford's Mass Production of

Hate Meets Its Match

Curse that Michael Rose. Small talk is impossible for this man of infectious interests and achievements. Prior conversations left me enchanted with his remarkable pictorial "Elvis" book, "Elvis: A Moment in Time, Four Days in '56," salivating for his American Diner stories....

Melanie Chartoff Writing Spine Tingling Spiderman for All the Wrong Reasons

Spine Tingling "Spiderman"-- -

for All the Wrong Reasons

As "Spiderman" the Spectacle careens toward its opening, despite costly delays, a cacophony of controversies, serious human and technical mishaps and injuries, it looks likely to be a critic proof hit, in terms of paying off its producers and insurance premiums.



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